Video SEO for a Top Ranking in the Results

Increase the visibility of your company videos on YouTube and the traffic at your website with smart video SEO: The video SEO experts at KMS will help your company get ahead on the Web.

Video SEO
YouTube & Co.: Sought and found

So you have a video or two on YouTube and not enough people are watching it? Or maybe people are watching your videos, but they aren’t visiting your website afterwards? We offer professional video SEO solutions with measurable results: more clicks, traffic and conversions.

Video SEO is a smart strategy for those who

  • want to improve the visibility of their videos on YouTube and the universal search results at Google & co.
  • want to take advantage of the reach of independent traffic sources like YouTube to improve their website’s ranking on search engines
  • want to be ahead of their competitors with an active YouTube strategy
  • are convinced on the selling power of emotional, multi-sensory video communication.

And remember: Even the best video SEO strategy can only work when your video is produced professionally and tells a good story with interesting content. Whether an image video, company film or product video: The KMS team is happy to help you come up with an idea, write the script and produce your film.

After that, the next step is to make your video visible on the Web so that it can get as many clicks and as many users as possible to click a link in the video that takes them to a landing page on your company’s website. It’s important to think about which keywords should lead people to your video before you get started. What are your core skills? What current topic is the video about? Which product are you presenting? The YouTube Keyword Tool is a video SEO tool that can help you find keywords that are likely to produce results. Before the video is filmed, you will need a script that contains the keywords you selected. Keywords also play an important role when uploading a video to your YouTube channel: The file name should accurately describe the content of the video and contain the respective keywords. The title and description of the video are also decisive factors for the success of your video SEO. The title determines which search terms will lead to your video being shown in the results. The description can be a max. of 5,000 characters in length and only the first three lines will be shown initially. We use specific keyword tags to make sure that your YouTube video is assigned to the right category. We can also add annotations to your video. These are small, clickable text fields that can contain content like links to your Facebook profile or company website.

As marketing experts, we recommend that our customers always brand their video messages. This means: Add a watermark with your logo to your video before you upload it or make sure that your logo is visible throughout the entire video. And don’t leave out your call to action. This could be a link to a landing page on your website or a request for viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can also aim to distribute your video across social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. In short: Video SEO is a powerful instrument for optimising the visibility of your videos and websites in the search engine results.