Product Videos for Powerful Advertising Messages

When things are visualised in a transparent and comprehensive manner, they stay in our memory and awaken a willingness to purchase a product. We visualise complex production processes, functions and applications of your products in your product video. Take the test: Product videos and application films are great for introducing a product at a trade fair or at the point of sale, for example.

Product Films
A factor for success in the marketing mix

Do you have a product innovation that you want to introduce to the public at a trade far? Does your product range include products that require a special explanation of how they are used? Are you interested in making a video that shows how your products can be used or how they work? If so, a product video is the perfect medium.

The main advantage of presenting a product or production process on video is obvious: When you send out a product video, you are sending out a multi-sensory message. Your sales message is received through a number of different channels simultaneously. The lightning-fast analysis of the information that is received triggers an immediate impulse to make a purchase - perfect for POS use, for example. People will also remember the content of a product video longer than a message they only see in writing or in photographs. People walking past your trade fair stand have a very short attention span. In order for a product video to be successful, it has to be interesting and offer content that the viewer immediately understands in excellent quality.


Product video vs. advertisement: A product film delivers all of the important information on the quality and functionality of a product. The content of a product video is much more in-depth than that of an ad. The potential customer practically gets to know your product “live” as they watch the video and can get a very precise idea of all the advantages your product has to offer and all the different ways in which it can be used. A product video also allows you to precisely differentiate your product from those of your competitors.


3D Images and Animations: The technical possibilities for realising product videos are many: A professional product film can feature realistic film scenes combined with computer animation and 3D animated graphics. Testimonials of enthusiastic customers sharing their positive experiences with a product are very effective. Graphics and 2D/3D animations allow you to visualise complex interactions. The film can also be complemented with audio commentary and music.  The goal: The viewer should give their full attention to your video to receive a maximum amount of information about your product.


Product Uses: Use your product video wherever you want to boost sales: Show the video on a monitor at the POS or at trade fairs. Or give potential customers a CD or DVD copy of your product film after delivering a sales pitch. This allows the potential customer to review your sales arguments at his or her leisure and to make a sound decision to buy your product. You can also position your product videos online. Put product presentation videos on your YouTube channel and link it to landing pages on your website. This also brings a lot more traffic to your website and creates positive impulses for your search engine optimisation. Feel free to ask us about video SEO, too.


A successful product video always gives your company’s image a boost. From the initial idea to its technical implementation to the placement of your video, the product experts at KMS are happy to give you their advice and help realise your video production.