On Demand Service

Intelligent CD and DVD production

Practical and affordable: On demand CDs and DVDs from KMS are used when you want to make a lot of small production runs instead of one big one. We even offer this service for orders as small as a single copy. 

BD-R, DVD-R & CD-R Copies
Small volume orders from 10-300 pcs.

Special promotions and individual applications often require low volume productions that still need to look highly professional. KMS can help you with BD, CD and DVD reproductions. We can precisely tailor your low volume CD and DVD productions to your individual needs.

At KMS you have the freedom to choose: We offer BD-Rs, CD-Rs and DVD-Rs in both traditional and creative designs. Have you met our Mini CD that measures 8 cm in diameter or our Businesscard CD/DVD in the shape of a business card yet? Of course, full-service from KMS doesn’t end with the professional reproduction of your data: We are also happy to add your individual corporate design in print and advise you on an innovative packaging solutions.



CD-R copy protection
Only safe is secure

Even your low volume productions and individual discs need to be protected against unauthorised access. KMS offers professional protection for all limited edition productions with the new Secu CD-R disc with the quality you expect from Securom.

KMS can quickly and securely encrypt the content you want to protect with an online tool. For example, you can protect your promotion and press samples that have yet to be released, or keep your expensive niche software safe from illegal copying. KMS uses special CD-Rs with a signature that we can reproduce just like any other blank CD. And just like any other disc, we can add your print design or personalise the discs for you.

How it works:
Just send your master file to KMS and let us know which .exe files you want to have encrypted. Copy protection can be installed on pre-masters for low volume productions by KMS as long as your .exe file is freely accessible.

We ask that you send us the files in advance if your .exe files are tied in to an installation. We will then return your .exe file after it has been encrypted so that you can put it into your master file yourself.

Secu CD-R
> copy production for low volume productions
> protects the CD-R