Image Films

Put the spotlight on your company with an image film: It’s a proven fact that people will remember you longer when they see an audiovisual portrait of your company than if they just read about you. Give your social media activities on Facebook, YouTube & co. a lift with attention-grabbing video messages. Or present your latest image film or short corporate film on your website.

Audiovisual Communication
The way to stay remembered

Our brains love videos: current brain research explains why moving pictures are so appealing. The things we see on film trigger stimuli and sensations that are almost identical to “real” experiences and feelings. This explains the thrill of watching a mystery movie and why our stomachs start to growl when we see an ad for ice cream. This “co-experiencing” of what is shown to us has a number of other advantages: Potential customers retain your message longer and more clearly in their memory. There is no more of an effective way to advertise for your company than with a company video or product film.

At KMS you get everything you need for a successful video production from a single source. We develop an exciting story about your products or company, we set the stage for your film on-site or in a studio, and we produce and reproduce your film exactly the way you want it. For more information contact Reiner Kafitz: