KMS Guidelines

Times, markets and products change, but good relationships stand the test of time. That is why we focus on establishing and maintaining friendship-based, long-term relationships in addition to realising your wishes. Everyone wins when the enthusiasm among our customer team, the KMS employees and our suppliers begins to overflow: You, the customer, get our best service and we get to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

Company Values
Five values, five promises.

We owe our success to the long-term satisfaction of our customers and to our highly motivated KMS team. Of course, this success didn’t just fall out of the sky. It is the result of our vital values, the KMS culture. We wrote down five guidelines that tell you why KMS is a unique partner for your media project and the benefits you can look forward to when you choose KMS.


1.We show appreciation.

Appreciation for each other is the lifeblood of our company culture. We focus on the person, not turning a quick profit. That is why we tend to our relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers like a gardener to his most precious plants. So that they can continuously grow and bear fruit.


2.You can take us at our word.

We believe that honesty is the best policy. When we give our word, we keep it. And if for some reason we are unable to, we communicate openly and immediately with you. Professionalism, straightforwardness and dependability are virtues that our customers and partners can count on. We give you our word.


3.Responsibility is a matter of honour.

For us, customer satisfaction starts with our employees and suppliers acting responsibly. We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes, use foresight, and think proactively. We are happy to take the initiative and point out alternative solutions and we always take the best path to reach our goal. We strive to fulfil our customers’ wishes professionally and to go above and beyond what you would expect from the average company.


4.You always get the best quality at a fair price.

We guarantee that we will give you the best quality regardless of the size of your order. We can find ideal solutions for any situation thanks to our many contacts with manufacturers, our many years of experience, and our courage to be creative. And we do it quickly, flexibly and with a smile - and always for a fair price.


5.Enthusiastic customers recommend us to others.

KMS customers are happy customers. We know this because of the excellent ratings they give us in our satisfaction surveys. But we want more: Emotional customer retention is the magic word. When our customers are enthusiastic about our service and trust KMS, they don’t just stay our customers for many years to come, but are also happy to recommend us to others.

The KMS Vision
Our company goal, your success

As experts for realising multi-sensory marketing concepts, we want to help make companies and brands better known, to build up positive images and to help companies sustainably increase their sales.

KMS products and services appeal to the senses and reach people on “multiple channels”. Sensations taken in through the eyes, ears and fingertips, get the brain’s attention and become linked to a communication experience that people remember. We use this scientific insight to increase awareness of companies and brands. The target we aim for: emotional customer retention with long-term value.