DVD Cases

It’s all in the look: Anyone looking to buy a DVD or software expects it to come in an appropriate package. The point of sale standards at KMS are seen in the bestsellers that go across the counters of retail stores and online shops every day. Discover DVD cases from KMS.

POS Standard
Amary Box

A safe and secure packaging solution made of high-quality plastic for storing a CD or DVD. Along with the printing options it offers, the size of the DVD Safe gives your data carrier a lot of room to represent. Black or transparent case. Dimensions when open: 273 x 182 mm.

> Item 4500 > DVD Amaray Box, black
> Item 4520 > DVD Amaray Box, transparent

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Mailing campaign packagings

This compact envelope is the affordable way to mail a CD and your standard-sized documents. Available with or without a window for the address line of your letter. The fastener/self-adherent seal option and tear aid are also practical. Size: 220 x 125 x 5 mm.
> Item 0611 Compact Mail 1 (weight: 19 g)
> Item 0612 Compact Mail 10 (weight: 20 g)

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POS Individuals

Another great option for the ideal presentation of your CDs. The inside of the cardboard DVD Digipac/Dpac Allround offers the most available space for your printed information. Plastic trays sit securely inside the cardboard box. The DVD Digipack/Dpac Allround is made of 260 g/m2 of chromo board. The trays come in black or transparent plastic. The covers are rounded at the corners. 4-colour offset printing available (Euro scale). With a UV gloss or matte finish. Size: 139 x 187 mm.
> Item 0528


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