Competency is the decisive factor

If you want to do more than just put data on a disc, you need to make use of all the advantages modern multimedia technology has to offer.

During the CD and DVD authoring process, we create a uniform user interface for you that lets your users conveniently navigate the content on the data carrier.


DVD Authoring
The director's interface

Who hasn’t been there: You insert a CD and an explorer window pops up with a maze of cryptic data structures. There’s a better way: Authoring is a digital pre-production technology that lets you compile audio, visual and text documents and make them easily accessible to users with a convenient navigation menu. This not only ensures that your users will see your content, but allows you to control how they see it.

Authoring is an excellent choice for any DVD production and for CD-ROMs with data that is not easy to find or that shouldn’t be difficult for users to access.


DVD Authoring Basic
The new an affordable process for DVD 5

This new authoring process kills two birds with one stone: It allows you to control the presentation of your content with a DVD menu that is easy to navigate while also reducing the production costs. DVD Basic is much more affordable than standard authoring processes because it uses standardised functions.

And DVD Authoring Basic is much more than a lite version: For example, you can get Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, which was made popular by the DVD video, for an entirely new musical experience.

Please note!
DVD Authoring Basic can only be used for up to DVD 5. DVD 9 and 10 require traditional authoring.



Copy Protection
Protect your property

The amount of damage caused by piracy is increasing every year, as can clearly be seen in the statistics from the Business Software Alliance (BSA). Half of the software programs in use today are copies!

You invest time and money in the development of your valuable products. Protect your property.


DVD Encoding
Your films, videos and animations on DVD

Today, DVDs are the standard for product and image films. DVDs can be played on nearly any laptop computer and no other medium offers such excellent audio and visual quality. But there is one problem: Not every video format can be put onto a DVD. Before moving pictures can be played on a DVD, they have to be converted into the right format.

KMS has the decisive interface for professional video encoding in our production process. Whether DigiBeta, VHS or Betacam SP, KMS securely and reliably converts your source video into the right format.


PDF Controller
Prodect USB Sticks from data thieves!

Sensitive data can now be protected on mobile data carriers thanks to the new PDF Controller technology. KMS links your content to a special, uniquely identifiable USB stick. Each stick-content combination is entirely unique and can only be accessed after entering a password.

Banks, insurance companies, research institutes, clinics and government authorities, basically anyone who works with critical data, can now protect their data against unauthorised access when stored on removable media.

Variable user rights
You, the author, have a wide range of options for assigning user rights: Before the data is recorded onto a device, you decide what will require a password and what will be freely accessible. You can then choose between three different options for your protected content: “read only”, “read and print” and “read, print and copy”. Only specific viewers can access and use the critical data. Anyone without the password won’t even be able to see the data stored on the device.

You can have KMS assign the access rights individually for each document or separately for different users. Access can also be limited for set time periods. Whichever options you choose for the portion of the disc holding your critical content, users are still allowed to freely use the unprotected disc space however they want.

Network option
The expanded network protection option allows you to add a layer of protection to your stick that requires an online password and online activation. Each stick user must log into a secure web server. As long as the stick is activated, the user will be able to use the data as allowed by his or her respective permissions. If the activation is revoked, the stick will still be usable, but the protected content on it will be permanently blocked from being accessed or copied.

Functional overview
> encryption and password protection for PDF documents
> securely ties the data to the serial number of a USB stick
> differentiated permissions for data and users
> ability to limit access to certain time periods or key dates
> “remote” deactivation over the Internet