Design CDs

CDs don’t always have to be round. We can deliver your CD in just about any shape you can imagine. What will it be? A mobile phone, a heart or a banana? And why shouldn’t you be able to have a transparent CD?

Design and functionality in a symbiotic relationship. There are no limits to your creativity.

Freestyle CD

Freestyle CDs (12 cm in diameter) can be printed with any design you like. These CDs are only partially metallised. The unprinted surface of the CD remains clear, allowing you to look through it like a piece of Plexiglas. This allows you to create some very interesting visual effects. The result: A CD that stands out as one-of-a-kind. Please note: This CD can only store up to 351 MB of data and has a maximum print area of 95 mm.
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Colourful CDs

This CD likes colour. The coloured polycarbonate gives it an eye-catching outfit. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s orange, yellow, gold, red, purple, green, pink, black or blue. You can add print to these colourful CDs just like with any other disc. Available in all CD formats!
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Like a vinyl record.

The retro CD. A vinyl CD or DVD made of coloured polycarbonate combines the aesthetics of a vinyl LP with the sound quality of the digital age. The label has real grooves with a smaller print area in the middle just like on a real LP. 12 cm diameter, available in various colours.
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