Consultation for Emotional Customer Retention

You want your customer retention strategy to be based on emotion and to benefit from the instruments used in multi-sensory marketing. You also want to secure the future of your company with a successful relationship management strategy. KMS managing director Reiner Kafitz is a consultant for medium-sized entrepreneurs with plenty of valuable tips to share.

Consultancy Topics
Three topics, one goal: Sustainable success

Emotional Customer Retention, Multi-Sensory Marketing, Relationship Management. These are the three key topics on which Reiner Kafitz, managing director of KMS Kafitz Medienservice GmbH, consults medium-sized entrepreneurs. There is always one goal at the centre of attention: securing the future of the company. The only way to guide a company into a successful future in rapidly changing markets is to build up and maintain relationships while looking forward with a vision.

Reiner Kafitz has always had an interest for people: the way they think, their emotions, their decisions and their relationships. When founding his own company, he asked himself: Which principles must a company follow to make people want to work there and buy from there more than for or from any other company?

The secret to business success lies in joining economic and emotional factors. Customers aren’t just looking for the lowest price. They also prefer to purchase from a company that makes them feel “at home”. This emotional bond doesn’t just exist between a company and its customers, either. It also joins the company to its suppliers and employees. In the long run, working relationships are more important than short-term sales.

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