About the Company

KMS is a media agency for multi-sensory customer acquisition and customer retention. We help you generate sustainable excitement for products and services with digital media and promotional products. Smart services from strategic marketing consultation to product videos to designing and producing individual packaging solutions are guaranteed to draw a lot of attention.

Products & Services
Multi-Sensory Customer Communication

From storage media like CDs, DVDs, USB sticks and SD cards to trendy promotional products and individualised packagings to video production and 3D animation: Our consultation services, products and other services stimulate all five senses and contribute towards the long-term satisfaction of your customers.

Storage media:
> digital data carriers: CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, USB sticks, SD cards and more

Promotional products
> mini speakers, MP3 players, chargers
> Bluetooth headsets, headphones
> digital picture frames
> mobile phone cases, touch pens, tablet stands
> USB sticks, SD cards & co.


> for every type of data carrier
> for diverse applications
> wide selection of materials: plastic, metal, wood, cardboard, etc.
> many standard packagings


> everything related to production and reproduction of data carriers
> labels, booklets & co.
> distribution and letter ship, invoicing and collections
> SEO / VSEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
> copy protection, encryption


Printing and Imprinting
> integrated full-service support
> pre-press, production run, finishing and processing, despatch
> brochures, catalogues and leaflets
> print monitoring
> graphics and final artwork


Company Videos
> image films
> recruiting videos
> application videos
> product films
> 2D and 3D visualisations
> video blogs
> viral ads (ad clips)


Areas of Expertise
Digital. Creative. Effective advertising.

This slogan at KMS isn’t just something we say, but a standard we live up to day after day in serving our customers. The results speak for themselves: In addition to digital storage media and creative promotional products, we also offer first-class finishing services, from printed advertising to special packagings to packing your products for you. 

We combine our many years of experience in CD, DVD and promotional product production with close attention to detail when managing your project and with the highest security standards. Take advantage of our strengths to ensure the success of your media production.
> more than 20 years of media know-how
> uncompromising in our customer orientation
> experienced and dedicated consultants and specialists
> international contacts and experience in Europe, China and South Korea
> flexible and creative thinking
> solution-oriented, full-service support from a single source (one stop shop)
> professional project management
> dependable handling of your project with the help of a highly functional network
> we emphasise quality management and have control over our processes
> not dependent on any manufacturer so that we can offer a wide range of solutions
> biggest selection of packaging solutions worldwide