The CD-R is and will continue to be the standard medium for reproducing data and music. It is the standard solution for reproducing music, software, games, catalogues, lexicons, presentations or anything else that can be digitally burned onto polycarbonate.

700 MB

This tried and proven medium offers 700 MB of storage space for your data. We can reproduce your content onto CD and add screen or offset printing in up to six different colours. Free glass mastering for productions of 2,000 or more. We can also produce the printed materials and packaging to go along with your CD.
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180 MB

Mini CD for AUDIO productions, 8 cm in size. Storage space for music or text with a maximum of 21:50 minutes of playback. Screen or offset printing in up to 6 different colours.

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Rectangular CD-ROM

This CD-ROM in the shape of a business card offers either 30 or 100 MB of space for your communication data. Digital label printing in up to five different colours. Want a special packaging solution for your Businesscard CD-ROM? We are happy to advise you on our wide selection of CD-R cases and covers. Format: 86 x 68 mm.
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