CD/DVD Production

Whether a DVD, CD-ROM or Blu Ray disc, KMS can realise professional CD and DVD productions in whatever type of media you want to put your data on. Ask our experts about which data medium is right for your data.



CD & DVD Production
One, two, three ... infinity

Whether a DVD, CD-ROM or Blu Ray disc, KMS can realise professional CD and DVD productions in whatever type of media you want to put your data on. Who says you have to use discs that are round and measure 12 cm in diameter when you copy data to DVD? KMS has a wide range of different types of data carriers waiting for you to use them in your production. From the standard 12 cm disc to the rectangular Businesscard CD to the semi-transparent Clear CD.

Our CD and DVD copy service encompasses every step of the production process: From premastering to pressing to printing the labels. We would also be happy to take care of the DVD authorisatopm for you, make sure everything is copy protected and find the right multimedia packaging for you.

KMS offers both low volume and high volume production series: Whether you just want three copies of an original file or 4,000 copies of five different master files, you’ll always be happy with the results you get from KMS.


Our CD and DVD Copy Service
> check your input data
> CD/DVD premastering
> glass mastering
> CD/DVD pressing
> 2-colour label printing
> final functionality test



CD & DVD mastering
DVD production

In order for your CD and DVD data to be used for high volume productions, it has to be made ready for industrial duplication. For DVD productions, we convert your master data to a premaster and a glass master in a two-step process.

During premastering we take your output data and create a flawless master for duplication that conforms with all market-standard playback formats. This file, known as the premaster, is then put on a so-called glass master, a technical production master for your CD or DVD production that uses a pressing process.



CD & DVD production runs
Quality and quantity

Pressing equipment is used for large volume CD and DVD productions: Typical content for such productions are product catalogues, manuals and company presentations, as well as video, music and software productions.

Your prepped original file is transferred to a so-called glass master using DVD pressing equipment. This glass master is used to create a press stamp, which is used in an industrial production process to press liquid polycarbonate into thousands of CDs or DVDs. An aluminium coating is applied to the top side of the disc to reflect the laser, then sealed with a lacquer and dried. We then give your production its own individual face with custom label printing.

KMS gives you access to a DVD press that features all of the processes used for modern CD and DVD productions.



Label printing
The fine difference

KMS has a knack for great designs and sophisticated label layouts. We almost always find the solution that allows you to add printing to the entire label surface, from the edge of the disc to the hole in the middle, a feature that is far from commonplace on the market.

If you want more than the two colours offered in the standard package, you can upgrade to as many as six different colours and choose between screen and offset printing depending on your motif and design plans. We can also add finishing effects with partial coatings or scented capsules for special occasions.

By the way: You don’t have to pass on professional label printing for your blank CDs and DVDs. Our Service Corporate Label gives you your own individual design and label printing for smaller volume productions that don’t use pressing technology.