Blank CDs for all Your Needs

It’s impossible to imagine a modern office without blank CDs among its office supplies.
Whether for routine data backup or for sending high resolution press photos to the editorial office, the uses of burnable CDs are limitless.


A flexible way to store data

KMS carries every type of blank CD: CD-Rs that can be burned once or CD-RWs that you can erase and write over as often as you like. And there is a whole lot more you can find in our blank CD portfolio. How about a Businesscard CD-R? That’s a blank CD in the size and shape of a business card. And, of course, you can’t forget the Mini CD-R, a disc that measures just 8 cm in diameter. Whichever medium you opt for, you will always get brand-name blank discs that provide long-term security for your data.

CD-R 8 cm
Printable white / green

Unprinted CD, 8 cm in diameter Storage space: 180 MB or 21 min. of audio The label is white and primed for 1 to 4-colour inkjet printing. The laser side of the disc is a silvery-green.
> Capacity: 180 MB
> write once
> Label: white
> Laser side: green

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A special high-tech disc with a nano label. The CD with an innovative ceramic surface is printed with regular inkjets, just like any other label. But unlike standard label surfaces, the nano particle technology used here produces a much finer printed image. The colour saturation, surfaces and water resistance are all much higher than with regular inkjet labels.
> Capacity: 700 MB
> write once
> Label: white, glossy
> Special feature: smudge-proof and water-resistant
> Item 0039

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CD-R 12cm
Gold-Disc, printable

For everyone who likes to be extra sure: The Gold-Disc features a reflective coating made of gold. Thanks to the molecular structure of this highly resistant precious metal, it will not oxidise, making it extremely well suited for long-term storage. Gold-Disc’s maker certifies the disc to have a 100-year archive shelf life.

Gold-Discs can be written on using any standard CD or DVD burner and read by any normal device. One-colour (black) or four-colour thermal transfer printing for small and medium volume orders.
> Capacity: 700 MB
> write once
> Label: gold
> Laser side: gold

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Rectangular, 30 MB, printable

A burnable business card blank CD in a rectangular format measuring 85 x 61 mm. With a maximum storage capacity of 30 MB. Digital label printing in up to five colours.
> Capacity: 30 MB
> write once
> Label: white or silver
> Laser side: silver-green

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